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Trusty Integration

Minder integrates directly with Trusty by Stacklok to enable policy-driven dependency management based on the risk level of dependencies.

Minder provides a Trusty rule type which allows you to monitor new pull requests for newly added dependencies with low Trusty scores.

For every pull request submitted to a repository, this rule will check if the pull request adds a new dependency with a Trusty score below a threshold that you define. If a dependency with a low score is added, Minder will notify you and suggest an alternative package, if one is available.

Here we see Minder in action, commenting on a pull request that adds a package with a low Trusty score:

Minder commenting on PR with low Trusty score

Create the rule type

Once you have a Minder account, you can create a new rule of type pr_trusty_check to monitor your pull requests for untrustworthy packages.

The rule type is one of the reference rule types provided by the Minder team.

Fetch all the reference rules by cloning the minder-rules-and-profiles repository.

git clone

In that directory, you can find all the reference rules and profiles.

cd minder-rules-and-profiles

Create the pr_trusty_check rule type in Minder:

minder ruletype create -f rule-types/github/pr_trusty_check.yaml

Create a profile

Next, create a profile that applies the rule to all registered repositories.

Create a new file called low-trusty-score-profile.yaml. In this profile the following options are configured:

  • action is set to summary allowing Minder to comment on pull requests with a low Trusty score, providing an explanation of the issue and possible alternatives.
  • ecosystem_config is set to check the pypi ecosystem for new dependencies whose Trusty score is below the threshold of 5.
version: v1
type: profile
name: low-trusty-score-profile
provider: github
remediate: "on"
- type: pr_trusty_check
action: summary
- name: pypi
score: 5

Create the profile in Minder:

minder profile create -f low-trusty-score-profile.yaml

That's it! Any registered repos will now be monitored for new dependencies with low Trusty scores.