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Adding Users to a Project


  • The minder CLI application
  • A Stacklok account

Roles Overview

When incorporating a user into your project, it's crucial to assign them the appropriate role based on their responsibilities and required access levels. Minder currently offers the following roles:

  • viewer: Provides read-only access to the project. Users with this role can view associated resources such as enrolled repositories, rule types, and profiles.
  • editor: Grants the same permissions as the viewer role, along with the ability to edit project resources, excluding the project itself and the list of providers.
  • admin: Grants administrator rights on the project. Users with this role have the same permissions as editor and can also modify the project and associated providers.
  • policy_writer: Allows users to create rule types and profiles.
  • permissions_manager: Allows users to manage roles for other users within the project.

You can also view the available roles and their descriptions by executing:

minder project role list

Adding a user

To add a user to your project, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the User's Role: Decide the appropriate role for the user based on their responsibilities.

  2. Execute the Command:

minder project role grant --sub user-id --role desired-role --project project-id
  • Replace user-id with the unique identifier of the user you want to add.
  • Replace desired-role with the chosen role for the user (e.g., viewer, editor).
  • Replace project-id with the identifier of the project to which you want to add the user.

You can then view all the project collaborators and their roles by executing:

minder project role grant list --project project-id