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Enabling pull request reviews


  • The minder CLI application
  • A Minder account
  • An enrolled Provider (e.g., GitHub) and registered repositories

Create the PR vulnerability check rule

Start by creating a rule that checks if a pull request adds a new dependency with known vulnerabilities. If it does, Minder will review the PR and suggest changes.

Note that Minder is only able to review a PR if it's running under a different user than the one that created the PR. If the PR is created by the same user, Minder only provides a comment with the vulnerability information. An alternative is to use the commit-status action instead of review where Minder will set the commit status to failure if the PR introduces a new vulnerability which can then be used to block the PR. This requires an additional step though, where the repo needs to require the status to be passing.

This is a reference rule provider by the Minder team.

Fetch all the reference rules by cloning the minder-rules-and-profiles repository.

git clone

In that directory you can find all the reference rules and profiles.

cd minder-rules-and-profiles

Create the pr_vulnerability_check rule type in Minder:

minder ruletype create -f rule-types/github/pr_vulnerability_check.yaml

Create a profile

Next, create a profile that applies the rule to all registered repositories.

Create a new file called profile.yaml. Based on your source code language, paste the following profile definition into the newly created file.

version: v1
type: profile
name: pr-review-profile
provider: github
alert: "on"
remediate: "off"
- type: pr_vulnerability_check
action: review
- name: go
vulnerability_database_type: osv

Create the profile in Minder:

minder profile create -f profile.yaml

Once the profile is created, Minder will monitor any pull requests to the registered repositories. If a pull request brings in a dependency with a known vulnerability, then Minder will add a review to the pull request and suggest changes.

Alerts are complementary to the remediation feature. If you have both alert and remediation enabled for a profile, Minder will attempt to remediate it first. If the remediation fails, Minder will create an alert. If the remediation succeeds, Minder will close any previously opened alerts related to that rule.