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Minder CLI configuration

The Minder CLI application is configured using a YAML file. The default location for the configuration file is $PWD/config.yaml. You can specify a different location using the --config flag. If there's no configuration file at the specified location, the CLI application will use its default values.


  • The minder CLI application
  • A Stacklok account

Configuration file example

Below is an example configuration file. The grpc_server section configures the gRPC server that the CLI application will connect to. The identity section configures the issuer URL and client ID for the Stacklok Identity service.

# Minder CLI configuration
# gRPC server configuration
host: ""
port: 8090

issuer_url: http://localhost:8081
client_id: minder-cli

Handle multiple contexts using a configuration file

The Minder CLI can be configured to use multiple contexts. A context is a set of configuration values that are used to define a context, i.e. connect to a specific Minder server. For example, you may have a context for your local development environment, a context for your staging environment, and a context for your production environment. You can also specify things like the default provider, project or preferred format output for each of those.

To create a new context, create a new configuration file and set the MINDER_CONFIG environment variable to point to the config file. For a single command, you can also set the path to the file through the --config flag . For example, you can create your staging configuration in config-staging.yaml and use it as either:

export MINDER_CONFIG=./config-staging.yaml
minder auth login
# OR:
minder auth login --config ./config-staging.yaml