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Providers in Minder

A provider connects Minder to your software supply chain. It lets Minder know where to look for your repositories, in order to make them available for registration. It also tells Minder how to interact with your supply chain to enable features such as alerting and remediation.

The currently supported providers are:

  • GitHub

Stay tuned as we add more providers in the future!

Enrolling a provider

To enroll GitHub as a provider, use the following command:

minder provider enroll --provider github

To enroll a specific GitHub organization, use the following command:

minder provider enroll --provider github --owner specific-org

Note: If you are enrolling an organization, the account you use to enroll must be an Owner in the organization or an Admin on the repositories you will be registering.

Once a provider is enrolled, public repositories from that provider can be registered with Minder. Security profiles can then be applied to the registered repositories, giving you an overview of your security posture and providing remediations to improve your security posture.