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Presence of a License File Rule

The following rule type is available for verifying if a license file is present and it is of a certain type.

license - Verifies if there is a license file of a given type present in the repository

This rule allows you to monitor if a license file is present in the repository and if its license type complies with the configured license type in your profile.


  • repository


  • license

Rule parameters

  • None

Rule definition options

The license rule supports the following options:

  • license_filename (string) - The license filename to look for.
    • Example: LICENSE, LICENSE.txt,, etc.
  • license_type (string) - The license type to look for in license_filename.
    • Example: MIT, Apache, etc. See SPDX License List for a list of license types. Leave "" to only check for the presence of the file.