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Trusty Score Threshold Rule

The following rule type is available for Trusty score threshold.

pr_trusty_check - Verifies that pull requests do not add any dependencies with Trusty scores below a certain threshold

This rule allows you to monitor new pull requests for newly added dependencies with low Trusty scores. For every pull request submitted to a repository, this rule will check if the pull request adds a new dependency with a Trusty score below a threshold that you define. If a dependency with a low score is added, the PR will be commented on.


  • pull_request


  • pr_trusty_check

Rule Parameters

  • None

Rule Definition Options

The pr_trusty_check rule has the following options:

  • action (string): The action to take if a package with a low score is found. Valid values are:
    • summary: The evaluator engine will add a single summary comment with a table listing the packages with low scores found
    • profile_only: The evaluator engine will merely pass on an error, marking the profile as failed if a packages with low scores is found
  • ecosystem_config: An array of ecosystem configurations to check. Each ecosystem configuration has the following options:
    • name (string): The name of the ecosystem to check. Currently npm and pypi are supported.
    • pi_threshold (number): The minimum Trusty score for a dependency to be considered safe.