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Installing Minder with Helm

Keycloak Installation

Minder is designed to operate without storing user credentials or personal information. To achieve this, it relies on an external identity provider. While Minder is compatible with any OpenID Connect (OIDC)-enabled identity provider, we have thoroughly tested it with Keycloak and thus recommend it for a seamless integration.

Getting Started with Keycloak

To install Keycloak as your identity provider, please refer to the following resources for detailed instructions:

After the installation of Keycloak, there are specific settings and configurations required for Minder to function properly:

  1. Realm Configuration: Set up a dedicated realm in Keycloak for Minder's use.
  2. Client Setup: Create two separate clients within the realm:
    • minder-cli: A client for command-line interactions.
    • minder-server: A client for server-side operations.
  3. Identity Provider Linkage: Connect your chosen Identity Provider (e.g., GitHub, Google) to Keycloak. To facilitate this process, you may use the initialization script available at Minder Identity Initialization Script.

Postgres Installation

Minder requires a dedicated Postgres database to store its operational data. The database must have a dedicated user with the necessary privileges and credentials.

Best Practices for Database Deployment

It is recommended to use two distinct database users:

  • One for the Minder server operations.
  • Another solely for database migrations.

You can find our database migration scripts at Minder Database Migrations.

Ingress Configuration

Your ingress controller must be capable of handling both gRPC and HTTP/1 protocols.

Minder exposes both HTTP and gRPC APIs, and our default Helm chart configuration enables ingress for both protocols. If your ingress solution requires different settings, please disable the default ingress in the Helm chart and configure it manually to meet your environment's needs.

GitHub OAuth Application

For Minder to interact with GitHub repositories, a GitHub OAuth2 application is required. This is essential for Minder's operation, as it will use this application to authenticate and perform actions on GitHub repositories.

Please ensure the following secrets are securely stored and handled, as they contain sensitive information crucial for the authentication and operation of Minder's integrations:

  • minder-identity-secrets: a secret with the key identity_client_secret and the value being the keycloak minder-server client secret.
  • minder-auth-secrets: a secret with the key token_key_passphrase and unique content, used to encrypt tokens in the database.
  • minder-github-secrets: a secret with the keys client_id and client_secret that contains the GitHub OAuth app secrets.

Helm Chart Parameters


Version: 0.1.0 Type: application AppVersion: 2023-07-31

Deploy Minder on Kubernetes




aws.accountIDstring"123456789012"AWS account ID where the service will be deployed
aws.migrate.iamRolestring"minder_migrate_role"IAM role for the migration operations in AWS
aws.server.iamRolestring"minder_server_role"IAM role for the server operations in AWS
db.hoststring"postgres.postgres"Hostname for the database where Minder will store its data
deploymentSettings.extraVolumeMountsstringnilAdditional volume mounts for the deployment
deploymentSettings.extraVolumesstringnilAdditional volumes to mount into the deployment
deploymentSettings.imagestring"ko://"Image to use for the main Minder deployment
deploymentSettings.imagePullPolicystring"IfNotPresent"Image pull policy for the main deployment
deploymentSettings.resourcesobject{"limits":{"cpu":4,"memory":"1.5Gi"},"requests":{"cpu":1,"memory":"1Gi"}}Compute resource requests and limits for the main deployment
deploymentSettings.secretsobject{"appSecretName":"minder-github-secrets","authSecretName":"minder-auth-secrets","identitySecretName":"minder-identity-secrets"}Names of the secrets for various Minder components
hostnamestring""The hostname for the Minder service
hpaSettings.maxReplicasint1Maximum number of replicas for HPA
hpaSettings.metricsobject{"cpu":{"targetAverageUtilization":60}}Target CPU utilization percentage for HPA to scale
hpaSettings.minReplicasint1Minimum number of replicas for HPA
ingress.annotationsobject{}Ingress annotations
migrationSettings.imagestring"ko://"Image to use for the migration jobs
migrationSettings.imagePullPolicystring"IfNotPresent"Image pull policy for the migration jobs
migrationSettings.resourcesobject{"limits":{"cpu":1,"memory":"300Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"200m","memory":"200Mi"}}Compute resource requests and limits for the migration jobs
service.grpcPortint8090GRPC port for the service to listen on
service.httpPortint8080HTTP port for the service to listen on
service.metricPortint9090Metrics port for the service to expose metrics on
serviceAccounts.migratestring""ServiceAccount to be used for migration. If set, Minder will use this named ServiceAccount.
serviceAccounts.serverstring""ServiceAccount to be used by the server. If set, Minder will use this named ServiceAccount.
trusty.endpointstring"http://pi.pi:8000"Endpoint for the trusty service which Minder communicates with