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Logging in to Minder

Minder consists of a client-side CLI tool and a server-side component. The server-side component runs as a multi-user service. In order to use Minder to manage repositories and artifacts, you need to log in, which will automatically create an account.


If you don't want to run your own Minder server, Stacklok hosts a public instance. See Logging in to the Stacklok-hosted Instance below.

Logging in to the Stacklok-hosted instance

The minder CLI defaults to using the hosted Stacklok environment. When using the hosted environment, you do not need to set up a server; you simply log in to the Stacklok authentication instance using your GitHub credentials.

You can use the Stacklok hosted environment by running:

minder auth login

A new browser window will open and you will be prompted to log in to the Stacklok instance using your GitHub credentials. Once you have logged in, proceed to enroll your credentials in Minder.

Logging in to your own Minder instance

To log in to a Minder server which you are running (self-hosted), you will need to know the URL of the Minder server and of the Keycloak instance used for authentication. If you are using docker compose to run Minder on your local machine, these addresses will be localhost:8090 for Minder and localhost:8081 for Keycloak.

You can log in to Minder using:

minder auth login --grpc-host localhost --grpc-port 8090 --identity-url http://localhost:8081

Your web browser will be opened to log in to Keycloak, and then a banner will be printed an

    You have successfully logged in.

Here are your details:

│ Key Value │
│ Project Name KeyCloak-username │
│ Minder Server localhost:8090 │
Your access credentials have been saved to ~/.config/minder/credentials.json

Once you have logged in, you'll want to enroll your GitHub credentials in Minder so that it can act on your behalf.