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Register Repositories


Register repositories

Now that you have enrolled with GitHub as a provider, you can now register repositories. We will use the repo command.

minder repo register

You can also register a repository (or set of repositories) by name:

minder repo register --name "owner/repo1,owner/repo2"

A webhook will now be created in each repository that you've selected for registering with Minder. You should see a list of the repositories that have been registered.

After registration, Minder will go through your existing profiles and apply them against these repositories.

Any events that now occur in your registered repositories will be sent to Minder and processed accordingly.

List and Get Repositories

You can list all repositories registered in Minder:

minder repo list

You can also get a specific repository:

minder repo get --id {ID}

Deleting a registered repository

If you want to stop monitoring a repository, you can delete it from Minder by using the repo delete command:

minder repo delete --name "owner/repo1"

This will delete the repository from Minder and remove the webhook from the repository.