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minder auth offline-token use

minder auth offline-token use

Use an offline token


The minder auth offline-token use command project lets you install and use an offline token for the minder control plane.

Offline tokens are used to authenticate to the minder control plane without requiring the user's presence. This is useful for long-running processes that need to authenticate to the control plane.

minder auth offline-token use [flags]


  -f, --file string    The file that contains the offline token (default "offline.token")
-h, --help help for use
-t, --token string The environment variable to use for the offline token. Also settable through the MINDER_OFFLINE_TOKEN environment variable.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string            Config file (default is $PWD/config.yaml)
--grpc-host string Server host (default "")
--grpc-insecure Allow establishing insecure connections
--grpc-port int Server port (default 443)
--identity-client string Identity server client ID (default "minder-cli")
--identity-url string Identity server issuer URL (default "")