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minder provider enroll

minder provider enroll

Enroll a provider within the minder control plane


The minder provider enroll command allows a user to enroll a provider such as GitHub into the minder control plane. Once enrolled, users can perform actions such as adding repositories.

minder provider enroll [flags]


  -c, --class string   Provider class, defaults to github-app (default "github-app")
-h, --help help for enroll
-o, --owner string Owner to filter on for provider resources (Legacy GitHub only)
--skip-browser Skip opening the browser for OAuth flow
-t, --token string Personal Access Token (PAT) to use for enrollment (Legacy GitHub only)
-y, --yes Bypass any yes/no prompts when enrolling a new provider

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string            Config file (default is $PWD/config.yaml)
--grpc-host string Server host (default "")
--grpc-insecure Allow establishing insecure connections
--grpc-port int Server port (default 443)
--identity-client string Identity server client ID (default "minder-cli")
--identity-url string Identity server issuer URL (default "")
-j, --project string ID of the project